Beknown Befound

Our ultimate goal is to give each Nigerian internet user a unique name and presence online. The BeKnown-BeFound program is aimed at giving an individual a personalised online presence which is tied to their name. This means you can have a personal domain name like that will be visible all over the internet. It is literally a combination of your first name and your last name.

With your personalised domain name, you can decide to link it to any of your social media accounts or create CV portfolio website. Regardless of which of the plans you choice, you will have a free email service, thereby affording you the luxury of having a special email for yourself, like

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Personalised Domain Name Linked to Social Media Accounts

Link your personalised domain name to all your social media accounts
or choose to link to a single social media account using the buttons that represent the social media platform
upgrade/downgrade at any point if your needs changes.

Domain Features

Easy File Management

The online file manager allows you to upload, create or delete files, organize files in folders, extract files and change file permissions.

Access emails from anywhere

If you've got an internet connection, you've got mail. Instantly connect and manage your fully synced email account from any online device - stay up-to-date, anytime, anywhere.

Never miss a message

You will never miss any messages aever again. Our packages give you the option of creating catch-all addresses. This means any sent to an address for your domain that does not exist can be captured .